Plants & Plenty

This series, Plants&Plenty, will be shown at my solo exhibition in  "Chagall House" Haifa Israel 14-January -11 February 2023

During Corona time, I was looking for subjects that were close to me physically, so I started painting the rooms of our three daughters. House plants and books were dominant elements. " Zoom" also helped,
but I also asked friends to pose for me through the camera.
As soon as the Pandemic ended here in the Netherlands, I had the chance to step out of the studio and visit people's houses or shops. I placed my first book, which she wrote herself. It is an ongoing series that shows both the beauty of nature and its richness. The books and the plants are all unique,
each with their own story.

A forgotten self-test

120X80 cm


Yael's Book shelves
90x90 cm

Tamar's Book shelves

90X90 cm

shira's plants

games  & Plants

Morning light


100X100 cm (39x39inch)

Love Story 

120x80 cm (4x2.6")


50X50 cm (20X20 inch)

“Light Reading”

50X50 cm (20X20 inch)


100X100 cm (39x39inch)

The big picture (diptych)

170X 100 cm

Triangle of happiness
100X70 cm