Tali Farchi - van der Wouden

Tali Farchi - van der Wouden

Visual Artist

Artist, Painter, Performer art

Co owner and creator of the “Artist Table ”

D.O.B.: 29-10-1956 Haifa, Israel

Studio: Praubstraat 23 8011 PN Zwolle, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 6 24903316



Free Academy The Hague, - Netherlands 1979-81

Gerrir Rietveld Academy /Audio Visual Amsterdam - 1981-86

BIK (Artist in the classroom ) Muzerie art center 2004-5

Cartoon-Master - Bremen, Germany 2005


2013 to Present - Co-founder, director of online art gallery of the ArtisTTable,

an art community with juries exhibitions. world wide figure drawing events and art

retreats and work shop around the world. currently also online workshops

2007 to present

“COLORBORATION projects” with Royce Deans : “Live panting with live music” tours


Mo(ve)ment,” with dancer Benno Huber ( over 450 performances around the world) performances all around the world: Europe, South Africa, Israel, USA, and Canada

L5-multimedia and multi discipline live show in stedelijk museum Zwolle

2007 to present

Visual artists painter and create multimedia performances that will connect between disciplines “Art with out boundaries”

working daily together with the American artist Royce deans via the webcam creating projects and ideas for new artists to develop, the “ ArtisTTable” is a new platform that we created together.

painting in and out the studio, taking active part in exhibitions or group shows,

figure drawing

or abstract - with live music.

1998 - 2007

Tali Farchi Visual Arts, Zwolle, The Netherlands - Animation for commercials and

educational programs. Graphic design and illustration, Children‘s books,

and video productions. Illustrations in Real Time conference and lectures

EXHIBITIONS (look at Exhibitions)

Preferences /Multi media Multi Disciplines

currently working on : Beyond the bars" (Achter de tralies hen)

(first tryout October 2021)

“world Turning” shadow show,with Royce deans Grand Rapids Michigan

BluSamsara, JAZZoPERA, composed by Reneé Baker, Chicago, Illinois

ArtPrize14 Grand Rapids Michigan USA “Kitsch 2 Kunst” at DeVos place

“COLORBORATION project” - Royce and Tali with Jeff Haas and Patrick Booth at Traverse City Michigan USA

“bluSamsara”- Modern Chamber Opera, composed by RenéBaker at the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, Netherlands

”van der Wouden/Deans - Family portraits” an exhibition at ArtPrize festival in Grand Rapids Michigan USA.

Live painting with live music at the “Lightfest” KoppelschleuseMeppen Germany (with Royce Deans)

Two Person Show (with Royce Deans) at Richard App Gallery Grand Rapids Michigan USA

Live painting with live music with Renee Baker and chamber orchestra of CMOP

(opening of the exhibition) Live paintings with Live music show at Richard App gallery GR Michigan

Temple Emanuel (Synagogue) GR Michigan with as benefit for the Sunday school

Live painting with Live music show at “one world Jazz” foundation Deventer

Live painting with the Hanze Orkest during the opening of the Hanze lijn.Zwolle

“The Looking Box” ArtPrize Grand Rapids Michigan USA.

“Mo(ve)ment” show with Benno Hubner Plovdiv Bulgaria

“Mo(ve)ment “ with Benno Hubner for “Zomerfeest “ Batmen

The ‘COLORBORATION’ Project / Loop - Chicago Loop Alliance Club with Royce Deans

Le’Roi David : Bergkerk – Deventer, NL (live painting with the Orchestra “van het Oosten”)

Museumnacht - Joods Historisch Museum - Amsterdam, NL (live painting during

museum night)

Mi Yodea / Shiviti Drummers - Northwestern University, Evanston, Chicago with Royce Deans

Live Painting with Live Music of - Chicago Modern Orchestra Project Chicago, IL with Royce Deans

ArtPrize - Grand Rapids, MI USA- Two person show with Royce Deans

Kaleidoscope : Chicago-Berlin Connecting Cultures - Berlin, Germany (Phantom Gallery)

The ‘COLORBORATION’ Project (Milwaukee avenue) Chicago USA- Two

person show and exhibition with Royce Deans Artist and Display - Milwaukee, WI USA-

Arumim - Bat-Yam Festival - Bat-Yam, Israel -

L5- IQ Gallery - Zwolle, The Netherlands -

L5 - Stedelijk Museum Zwolle,

Live Painting with Live Music - Milwaukee, Wisconsin. USA with Royce Deans, /

guest Wilbert de Joode Live Painting with Live Music - Evanston, Illinois. USA

with Royce Deans, / guest Fulcrum Point New Music Live Painting with Live

Music - Chicago, Illinois.USA with Royce Deans, / guest Wilbert de Joode

Live Painting with Live Music - Windsor, Ontario Canada.

Mo(ve)ment in Windsor Ontario Canada 14 shows during Windsor Fringe festival

Live Painting with Live Music - Traverse City, MI USA Two Person Show with

Royce Deans Live Painting with Live Music - Toronto, Ontario Canada

Mo(ve)ment Meets Musicians - Brooklyn, NYC USA

Royce Deans Mo(ve)ment Meets Musicians - Chicago,USA .

with Royce Deans Mo(ve)ment Meets Musicians - Holland, MI, USA .

Live Painting with Music - Golan Heights, Israel

Mo(ve)ment show at Amsterdam Fringe Festival

Overzee - Amsterdam, fringe festival Two person show with Royce Deans

Police Hall - Zwolle, Solo Show

Mo(ve)ent +live painting with local musicians at Grahamstown fringe Festival South Africa.

12 Mo(ve)ment shows at Oerol Festival - Terschelling.