About Me

 Tali Farchi Zwolle 2021

The sun, the light, and the aromas of Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel, my hometown, continue to influence my art and creativity on all levels.

Art is my passion and my profession. The arts in any form is the center of my life

In 1998, we moved (back) to live in the Netherlands, (in Zwolle this time) and so, in an ancient building from the 16 century in the heart of the old city, I'm fortunate enough to have my studio that inspires me.

As an artist and a painter, I have the privilege to observe and look at my world in a special way. I allow myself to take the time to study shapes, lines, space, color, lights and dark.

I tend to fall in love with what I see. With each leaf and hill, I get to understand the story behind them, near and far.

The sketchbooks will serve as a guide to my paintings as I do my studies with graphite.

I let the rhythm of the lines have a life of its own. A new image will emerge from the layers, the shapes, and the freedom of creation.

Multimedia, Muți disciplines are my way of combining my love for the stage and visual art.

Currently I'm working on a new art performance involving Acting/text, Music and my live painting project while I'm creating it. Vincent van Gogh is my inspiration for my paintings in that show.

While the actor reads/tells the letters to Theo, (his brother) and the sound and music creating the atmosphere, I paint a landscape painting. I do have a visual conversation with the sound and the spoken words.

Next to my painting, performances and my sketches, I'm the co-founder of the ArtisTTable platform, Since 2007 I have been creating new ideas and developing art projects that we create around the world. But now, after he moved on, I'm continuing my path by my own, and inviting other artists and instructors to join me with my teaching.

Art retreats and workshops online and in person are what keep me busy as well in my daily practice.