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Art critique by Avi Vinogard

The art show of Artist Tali Farchi - van der Wouden

“The canvases of the excellent artist Tali Farchi, seem windows that bring the beauty of bright nature into the exhibition space, at the Artist House in Tel Aviv, It's illuminate their surroundings and as if summoning the summer heat that caresses the viewer.

Farchi, who lives in the Netherlands, avoids painting the sky above her. Gray skies, patched with dramatic cloud appearances most of the year. Those skies that were the inspiration for the works of the Dutch masters from the golden age of painting who thus overcame the calm and peaceful Dutch landscape.

In contrast, Farchi prefers to characterize its landscapes in a cloudless blue sky and in direct sunlight that creates deep shadows on the ground.

Thus, the artist creates a tension between the serene landscapes and the stable and well-balanced compositions and the dynamic shadows that intertwine on the ground. Weaves textures full of movement and interest that reflect the trees towering around.

All these combined with the artist's great brushstrokes, load her landscapes in a dynamic and fascinating atmosphere. Dark shadows play a major role in many of her works and at times they seem even more tangible than the objects themselves.

In this way Farchi forms the landscape pastoralism and makes it a one-time expression of her inner world.Despite the meticulous composition, her works seem like a random slice in the landscape.

The origin of the trees, fields, and dirt paths that inhabit the paintings belong to every place and nowhere at the same time.They are universal in nature.

Under her sensitive brush they become personal pieces of nature saturated with emotion and dramatic atmosphere and make Tali Farchi's works so unique”.

Avi Vinogard

Cultural researcher And curator