Cretive Drama

דרמה יוצרת (או יוצרת דרמה)

Creative Drama (or Creating Drama)

טלי פרחי - ואן דר וואודן

Tali Farchi - van der Wouden

Curator: Arye Berkovitz

28.10 - 21.11

Tali Farhi van der Wouden - an Israeli painter living in the Netherlands.

The exhibition "Creative Drama (or Creating Drama)" deals with the drama between light and shadow, the composition, the brushstrokes and the movement in Tali's works.

The shapes and color are the main characters, and the light is her director.

.״'When I am outside, in nature, looking at and examining the landscape I will paint in a moment, I look for and follow the spaces between the leaves and the branches. I discover new forms between them. The tree or the hills in front of me, become a flow of lines and colors that I inject into my paintings. They talk to me, and I answer in color, 'says Tali.

There is a lot of movement in Tali's paintings. She invites viewers to move and walk within the painting, in between The brush strokes, stains and shapes.

According to her, 'Most of the works are in a square format. I love this format that allows for composition Such that even if I hung the painting upside down, it would still be interesting. "

Tali uses acrylic paints in landscape paintings. She goes out into the field to paint PleinAir, in any weather or season, something that allows a direct dialogue between the subject and the painting on the canvas without any mediation.This exhibition at the Artists' House in Tel Aviv is Tali's first exhibition in Israel since she moved to the Netherlands 23 years ago

פתיחת התערוכה ב 28 באוקטובר בשעה 19:00 בבית האמנים בתל אביב

אלחריזי 9 תל אביב 64244

Opening on Thursday 28 October at 19:00
Artist's House El'Harizi street

64244 Tel Aviv