Press Release 15 February 2011

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Chicago, Illinois USA
14-24 March 2011

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Dutch/Israeli artist, Tali Farchi meets with Michigan painter, Royce Deans two or three times a year in different parts of the world to make their special brand of art, and they are coming to Chicago again. Working with The Phantom Gallery Network Chicago, the two painters will be mixing up colors as they collaborate with local musicians in what they are calling The Colorboration Project. The Phantom Gallery Network Chicago is providing the space for the two artists to set up their open art studio to create and display their art between the dates of March 14-24. During this period of time Farchi and Deans will be making paintings that will be immediate impressions of this time in Logan Square. They are inviting all to come see and be a part by participating in the activities throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Every day from 4-6 pm they will present a painting demonstration with music, followed by an all ages Painting with Music workshop. The workshop will allow everyone to draw and paint with the music and feel the joy of completely free expression. Cost $5 per person.
Each evening from 7-10 the two artists will be conducting artistic experiments in creativity where local musicians will have the opportunity of participating with them in making multi-disciplinary works of art. This dynamic way of working in the moment is exciting for artists and audience alike. Music shaping the painting at the same time the art pushes the music to interesting new places.
Admission by donation at the door.
Everyone is welcome to stop in from 1pm till midnight daily.  All artwork will be available for sale.
For more information go to or email:  phone: 231.883.1681 The Phantom Gallery office: 2823 N Milwaukee Ave 2nd floor, Chicago IL 60618.