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The Looking Box - An ArtPrize entry.

September 19 - October 7, 2012

Purple East - 250 Ionia SW, Grand Rapids, MI

Royce Deans (Traverse City) and Tali Farchi (The Netherlands and Israel) make up the art group The "Colorboration Project". 

They are going to be at ArtPrize again with their 'live painting style with music,' for a second  AP appearance in a row.  What will be new and unique this year is that each of the 50 paintings they will create during the 19 days of AP, will be paintings of live music that live musicians will perform in their venue. Dancers and poets are also being invited to provide alternative rhythm and movement.

Many of the musicians that will play with the painting duo are Grand Rapids locals, some will be from further away, like Traverse City and Chicago. That said, many of the musicians will be ArtPrize entrants themselves.

"The Looking Box" is about point of view and choices. The installation presents several obvious points of view that are represented by the paintings created by Deans and Farchi in front of the public that visit their venue. This display presents the individual and separate interpretations of the very same inspiration provided by the musicians and music, dance, and words.

A growing and changing exhibition of the paintings created will be hanging in the second floor Purple East space for everyone to see as well.

The Looking Box will be in Purple East at 250 Ionia SW and will have sessions scheduled day of the entire length of ArtPrize. Their web page will have a schedule of who will be playing and when so that you my plan accordingly.

A partial list of some of the musicians that will be performing in our space during ArtPrize:

Bennett - Grand Rapids

Mike Felton - Chicago

Angela Josephine - Traverse City

Jeremy Verwys - Grand Rapids

Saldaje - Traverse City

Cut-Time String Quartet - Detroit

The Fauxgrass - Grand Rapids

Susan Picking - Grand Rapids

Tyler Vander Maas Quartet - Ann Arbor


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For more information or to arrange an interview please contact, Royce Deans, 231.883.1681