an Ongoing project

Tali Farchi Painter
an Ongoing project
The paintings in this catalog are part of an ongoing project that I started for myself in March 2020 as we were all told we needed to stay home. 
Walking my dog in my neighborhood of AAlanden- Zwolle the Netherlands, my eyes were opened to nature in a new way.
I observed vegetation growing, changing, and appearing new before me every day.
Nature did not seem to pay attention to the craziness around the world. It simply was doing its thing.
Looking through the layers of leaves, branches, and sticks to the soil, on my daily walks,
I found myself increasingly paying attention to shadow play,
and the way light on certain surfaces changed at different times of the day as the months passed by. 
Making these paintings from winter to spring and summer has made my personal life
a bit more bearable as I deal with the many changes that life had given me.
This book contains 28 paintings created between March and July of 2020.
There are many more and as this is an ongoing series, I continue to create more as my fascination increases.
Studio visits in person (with masks) or online are available by appointment.

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tel: +31 6 24903316

Hope (Diptych)60X40
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