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Paint Music

I call this painting Music (Vs. painting with Music)
I do not see it as background music while we're painting.
The Music is the subject of the painting.
In those open sessions everyone is working for himself.
 1 hour of painting music. + half hour of "reflection" (show & tell)

How does it work?
Every Wednesday  on 18:00 - 19:30 Central European Time (CET)
12AM Canada and America  time
 19:00 שעון ישראל

 Every week after registration, and payment, you will get the zoom link
  As we will start, I will share with you a playlist  that I prepared in advance. (via zoom as usual),
We all  will paint music as you feel, hear or see it. There are no actual rules, you may paint TO the beat or OFF the beat.
abstract, figurative, pencil or pen. finger paint or whatever you like. totally free.
on canvas or paper...

Me, myself will  paint as well.  That way you all can see my way of working.
Those sessions are excellent exercises to free your hand, your mind, your heart. Your painting ability will improve.
like fitness for your painting practice.
At the end of the hour we will share the results and everyone can talk about it.
each week will be a different playlist. It will be from all genre

This will be one hour +half hour reflection and the cost only €10 per session.
recommended to non painters.
Please pass this info around your friends.